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Movie Review: Magic Mike’s Last Dance

What do you say about the third installment of a franchise that wore out its welcome after two? Especially when the third installment happens to be the best one, redeeming a first film that had too many flawed characters and blowing away the second in terms of story?

I’d say that this is the Magic Mike we should have had to begin with. Mike gets hired by a rich theater owner to modernize an old fashioned play into a spectacle of female empowerment. When her estranged husband tries to put an end to it before the production sees the light of day, Mike finds a way to pull it all together whilst confessing his love for her in the process.

Channing Tatum is at his best, and he may have finally won me over. I’ve never been a huge fan. Selma Hayek is confident and beautiful. And, of course, there’s plenty of dance sequences and stripping for your enjoyment.

This had all of the fun and heart that the first one lacked. This is the Magic Mike we deserved.

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