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Book Review: Verity by Colleen Hoover

While I read Verity, I was not expecting it to end up where it did, and I mean that as the best form of compliment. I’m not often shocked by plot twists, but this one got me. It got me good.

Lowen, a down on her luck author, is approached by Jeremy, the husband of a famous, injured writer, to finish the popular book series his wife started. After being evicted from her apartment, Lowen crashes at the mansion owned by Jeremy and Verity for a few weeks while she researches where the series was headed in Verity’s notes. Verity is bed ridden, unable to talk and is unaware of what goes on around her.

As Lowen lives with Jeremy and his son, Crew, she finds a manuscript written by Verity and hidden away. It details the worst parts of the authors mind and life as it was an autobiography. Lowen is forced to tell Jeremy about who his wife really is, and she helps him make an impossible choice.

I won’t tell you anymore because it will ruin the big reveal at the end and it deserves to be told by Colleen Hoover for only she could have given us that ending. Verity is a taught thriller with interesting characters and steamy romances. The sordid lives of the character on full display for the reader’s enjoyment.

Highest recommendation here for this book. Read it now if you haven’t already.

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