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Christmas Movie Review: Last Christmas

“Last Christmas” is a cute rom com with an obvious twist ending if you were paying attention throughout the film. It has a great soundtrack by using George Michael songs and Emilia Clarke and Emma Thompson are absolute gems in it.

Kate (Emilia Clarke) works a shop in London that only sells Christmas stuff. All. Year. Long. The owner (Michelle Yeoh) has chosen the name Santa for herself (you’ll find out why when you watch the film). Kate lives on the couches of her friends. Her haphazard clumsiness gets her thrown out from place after place and she is forced back home with her parents. While all this is going on she meets Tom (Henry Golding) and tries to not fall for him. Her sarcasm, meant to keep people at a distance, helps endear the viewer to her plight.

As the film progresses, we find out that Kate almost died the year before on Christmas and she ended up with a new heart. She doesn’t like speaking of this, especially with her mother who worries over her. Kate is a mess, but Tom introduces her to the homeless shelter that he volunteers at and she starts to the world with new eyes.

Like I said, the ending which I won’t give away is obvious if you paid attention to the small details of this film. Clarke’s quirkyness carries the film easily and Emma Thompson and Michelle Yeoh, while underused, add a lot of depth to what could have been a mundane holiday film. Henry Golding isn’t bad either, but I find him to be a little emotionless beyond the handsome smile and british laughs.

Cute movie, worth a viewing if you like George Michael and sarcasm.

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