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Christmas Movie Review: Bad Moms Christmas

It took one viewing of “Bad Moms Christmas” for it to become one of my favorite holiday films. It’s funny. It’s raunchy. It’s got a lot of heart.

Amy, Kiki, and Carla are stressed out moms. All they want is an easy Christmas with their kids. Then their own mothers show up. Amy’s mother is a controlling perfectionist who Amy believes has never been proud of her. Kiki’s mom has boundary issues and buys the house next to Kiki as a gift. Carla’s mom is a drifter who only shows up when she wants money.

When Amy’s mom has a huge party at her house on Christmas Eve, including Kenny G who is there to play his soft jazz, Amy has had enough. She sends her packing, breaking the hearts of her own children in the process by getting rid of grandma. Kiki tells her mom she doesn’t want her living near her and Carla’s mom disappears on her when Carla lends her a large sum of money.

Things work out in the end though as they always do in holiday movies. There is even a stripping Santa scene for all the moms out there who want something nice to look at. So pour yourself a bottle of wine and sit back for a laugh.

This one is currently streaming on Netflix.

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