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Christmas Movie Review: Wind Chill (2007)

OK, I’ll admit it. “Wind Chill” isn’t a Christmas movie in the traditional sense. It does, however, take place during the holiday season and it’s worth a viewing.

Two college students drive to Delaware for the holidays. The girl quickly realizes that the guy she is riding with has been watching her at school. When he takes a short cut that leads them off the highway they end up crashing.

Supernatural things begin to happen around their crashed vehicle and she realizes that the guy who she thought was a creep was in fact the opposite as strange things continue to happen around them.

This film, starring Emily Blunt and Ashton Holmes, is a small yet brilliant take on being lost out in the cold. It touches on how first impressions are not what they seem and is well acted.

There is often a debate as to whether horror films count as Christmas movies, but I like to believe that they do. “Wind Chill” goes well with films like “Black Christmas” (the original, not that horrid remake that never should have happened) and a good chocolate porter.

It is available for rental or purchase on Amazon Prime or Vudu, or you can get the Netflix like I did back in 2009 when I discovered this hidden horror gem. That is if you are one of the few that still get the discs. I still do. I enjoy the physical media.

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