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Movie Review – Child’s Play

‘Child’s Play’ is the reboot that no one asked for, least of all me, but Aubrey Plaza is in it so how bad could it be? Right?

Bad. Just bad. While I have no issues what they did with turning Chucky into a technology-gone-awry evil doll instead of a voodoo doll, I did take issue with the lack of relationship between the kid and his mother (Aubrey Plaza). They just didn’t give Aubrey, who I love and adore, enough to work with and the character is an afterthought at best.

That said, I loved Mark Hamil as Chucky. He adds some empathetic creepiness to the role which was a nice surprise. I did miss Brad Dourif though. This one you can wait for to get the disc from Netflix or when it shows up on Amazon Prime. Not really worth the cost of a movie ticket.

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