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Movie Review – Ma

‘Ma’ proves that you should be nice to people in high school, because you never know who might be a psychopath underneath and get revenge on you. Octavia Spencer is amazing in it.

Sue Ann, a.k.a Ma, befriends some high school kids and buys them beer as long as they drink it in her basement. As the film unfolds, you learn that the group of kids are the children of the people who wronged her in high school. What better way to get revenge than to go after their teenage kids, right?

What’s surprising about this film is that it delves into the psychosis of Sue Ann in an impressive, unrelenting way. Octavia Spencer brings vulnerability to it, so you feel for Sue Ann while also not wanting her to harm her victims. ‘Ma’ does a good job of getting you to care about many of the characters.

If you can find it at a cheap theater, definitely see it. The film is a nice addition to the horror genre.

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