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A Sign of Halloween Times

These Halloween signs are easy and inexpensive to make. I purchased some 5×7 canvas boards from Amazon. You can get them in bulk, a dozen at a time if you need a lot of them.

I painted two layers of orange acrylic paint to the canvas boards to get a nice, even coating. I planned out each sign in advance so I needed nine signs and a glass of wine. Once the orange paint was dry I grabbed a ruler and a colored pencil to draw the outlines of the letters and words to get even spacing.

boo sign

For the BOO signage, I thought it would be cute to use a ghost as one of the “o”s. Perhaps it would have been cuter to do two ghosts in place of both “o”s, but I had only finished one glass of wine by then.

I used black acrylic paint for the letters and the outline of the ghost. The ghost took a few coats of white paint before you couldn’t see the orange underneath. The back of the signs will be painted black.


Eek Sign

The EEK sign took a little more detailing. After I drew out an painted the lettering, I used a detailing brush to paint spider webs and spider onto the sign. I added some pointy edges to the lettering to give it a creepier feel.

The detailing was time consuming but it was worth it. The white really stands out against the orange background and black lettering. I liked it so much that I helped myself to more wine.


trick or treat sign 2

The last sign I made was more… tricky. I didn’t want to do a standard Trick or Treat sign so I intentionally painted “TRICK” backward. It added some much-needed fun to the sign Since everyone is familiar with Trick or Treat as a Halloween saying, I left out the “or” and replaced it with candy corn. You can use other candy if you wish, but candy corn seems to be the most obvious Halloween choice.  I’m not much of a fan of candy corn myself, but the wine is delicious.


I painted the backs of the signs black, that way when I glued the black twine to each one it wouldn’t stand out. Grabbing my ruler again, I measured half an inch in on both the left and right sides of the signs and marked it with a graphite pencil. I used the graphite lines as a guide for the hot glue gun and twine, keeping half an inch between the top and bottom edges.

Once the glue has cooled, I hung each of them. They look great on the wall or hanging from a suction cup on your window. These are for indoor use only, but if you wanted an outdoor sign you could use pieces of wood instead of canvas boards. If you aren’t feeling up to making your own signs, you buy the ones I made on my Etsy page.

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