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Pumpkin and Circumstance

Usually, I hold off on my pumpkin obsession until after Labor Day, but this year it hit me early. Maybe the excessive heat made me long for crisp fall days. Maybe it was the cemetery tours I did in New Orleans back in May. Whatever the reason, I was in the mood to make these fun pumpkin ornaments.

I started with some Sculpey (clay that becomes hard when baked and feels like ceramic). I used some new cookie cutters I stumbled across on Amazon to make the standard shape of the pumpkins. The cookie cutters also came with super convenient plastic stamps to make the faces.


After I baked the Sculpey, I painted them with orange acrylic paint. For the face, I used a permanent black Indian Ink which gives a smoother surface than the acrylic paint.  Luckily I had some gold paint lying around from a previous project so I used that to give the pumpkins a thin golden shine.  Last I put two coats of glaze to make them shiny. Sculpey makes a glaze that works specifically with their clay and it comes in both a satin and a glossier sheen.

Pumpkin Set

Once they were dry (it takes about 24 hours for the glaze to fully dry), I used some green silk ribbon for hanging. These look great on a Halloween tree (I have two), hanging from suction cups on your windows, or hanging from the lights over your bathroom mirror if you have vanity lighting. They make a great addition to any Halloween decor while you wait for the Great Pumpkin.

If you are feeling lazy or aren’t creatively inclined, you can buy the ornaments on my Etsy page.

If you would like to make your own pumpkin ornaments, you can purchase the items on

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