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Hot Days, Cool Paintings

Many moons ago when I was seventeen and I spent four glorious hours a day of my senior year of high school in the art room, my art teacher and friend, Ms. Prince, taught me a technique that stuck with me for 21 years. I haven’t used it in about ten years but when I realized that I had a substantial stack of tubes of acrylic paint that were slowly hardening into tubes of brightly colored plastic, I decided I should use it before its too late.

Twilight Drawing

I started with painting acrylic on bristol board and using oil pastel to add texture. Having cleaned out two art supply stores out of Indian ink meant that I had a large enough supply to paint a layer over the drawings. I let the solid layer of ink dry overnight. When I woke up the next morning, I held the drawings under the faucet of my kitchen sink and set the ink chip off with mixed results.

Heart Painting

Not liking the way that getting the bristol board that wet was doing to it (it was seriously wavy) I ventured back to the art supply store for watercolor paper which would hold up better to the moisture. I stumbled across canvas mounted on board and knew this was the way to go. I cleaned the store out of this too. The millennial behind the counter had to work some magic with their computers inventory before it would let me purchase it all.

Rainbow Daisy

With better materials, I could now go back to my ink resist technique without worrying about destroying the paper. I added thick layers of acrylic, reacquainting myself with a medium I rarely used over the last decade. Then, I would paint a thick black layer of Indian ink over it. A scary move when I just spent three hours painting something without knowing if the ink would resist enough to chip off when put under the faucet.



There were a couple paintings that I couldn’t bring myself to paint over because I liked them the way they were. The goldfish was my realization that I could still paint even though I have been using colored pencil and graphite and my main mediums over the last few years.


Since I cleaned out the art supply store of canvas boards, I had to order from Amazon (something I rarely do as a small business owner). I now have 40 canvas boards in a variety of sizes to do more paintings. Should last me until August first. Just in time for the temps to cool off a little so it isn’t so hot while I paint.

These paintings and others are available on my Etsy page.

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