When I stumbled across square wooden coasters on Amazon.com, I knew that I wanted to do something fun with them. Not a party per say, but I wanted to make something fun.

I used acrylic paint and detailing brushes to paint the wood. Because the wood is porous the paint dries quickly meaning I could move quickly from one layer to the next. The Trick or Treat coasters were the first ones I made. Two of the coasters say TRICK on onside and TRICK backward on the other. The other two coasters say TREAT on one side and have candy corn on the other.

Trick Coasters

I also made four coasters that say BOO on one side and have a ghost on the other. Each ghost is different.

Boo Coasters

The last set of four I made say EEK on one side and have various spiderweb and spider designs on the other.

eek coasters

These are inexpensive to make and they don’t take a lot of time. If you are feeling lazy, you can always buy them off of my Etsy page.

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