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Movie Review: Emily the Criminal

Aubrey Plaza puts in the performance of her career as Emily, a struggling artist with a mountain of student and a low paying job. When she agrees to cover a coworkers shift, he repays her by giving her the number of someone he once did a job for $200 pay. When Emily calls the number, she finds herself being pulled into a crime ring of credit card fraud and theft.

Making the $200 was easy enough, but when she is offered a much higher sum for a bigger theft, she finds out his truly tough and resilient she is.

Of course there’s a love interest in Youcef, played be Theo Rossi. When the two decide to go their own way and steal the business away from Youcef’s cousin, their plan goes awry and Emily has to make a tough decision or risk getting caught.

This film is, at times, unrelenting in how nerve wracking it is, but the credit for that goes to Plaza. There isn’t a second that goes by where you can’t see the wheels in her head turning, thinking one step ahead even when the plat throws her three steps back. The time in the theater flew by watching this. A great thrill ride.

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