Idris Elba is a widower with two teenage girls still healing from their mothers death. He takes them to Africa to visit their family friend, Martin (Shartlo Copley). When Martin takes them out to view wildlife, they find an entire village has been attacked by a lion. They try to escape, but their vehicle is attacked by the lion and they must find a way to survive.

When poachers arrive hours later, they realize that to rogue lion is killing humans as revenge for the poachers killing his entire pride. Now the family must find a way to escape both the poachers and the lion.

Directed by Balthasar Kormakur, this survival tale takes interesting characters with a tragic backstory and forces them to find the strength to move forward in an impossible situation. If you liked Kormakur’s other forays into man vs. nature vs. themselves films (Everest, Adrift), you’ll love this bloody jaunt into the Savannah of Africa.

There’s a lot to feast your eyes on, from the panoramic views to Idris Elba’s handsome face to Shartlo Copley’s beard. It’s an intense thrill ride with likable characters and a cautionary tale about the repercussions of killing wildlife without reason.

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