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Movie Review – The Wretched

I wasn’t able to see “The Wretched” during it’s short theatrical run back in May due to the pandemic keeping the theaters near me closed. Now that the VOD price has gone down, I was finally able to watch it this weekend. I was not disappointed.

“The Wretched” tells the story of a teenage boy, Ben, dealing with his parents divorce while the woman next door is being impersonated by a thousand year old witch. No one seems to notice except Ben even though the neighbor boy goes missing and that boys father acts as if he doesn’t even remember even having a kid.

Ben tries, and fails, to warn his father. As with most troubled teens, the parents are less likely to believe them, especially when those parents are going through a divorce. Adults tend to miss subtle changes around them when their minds are troubled by more pressing things.

There are some good bits of gore scattered throughout this film as well as some tense moments when the neighbor kid realizes that something is terribly wrong with his mother. I’m not a fan of Ben’s character but the story is interesting enough to keep me watching.

Not a great horror film but is it is a decent entry into the genre. Now streaming on VOD services like VUDU.

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