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Movie Review: Brahms: The Boy II

When I watched “The Boy” when it came out a couple years back I was pleasantly surprised by it. Not a great horror film but certainly watchable. The one thing that kept it from being a better evil doll entry was that the doll wasn’t actually evil. I had wished at the time that the film had been brave enough to go down that road and not be cheesy about it.

Then they made a sequel. “Brahms: The Boy II” does go down that road. Unfortunately it IS super cheesy about it. I guess what my mother told me growing up was true. Be careful what you wish for.

The story is overtly simple. A mother (Katie Holmes) and her son are attacked in a home robbery while the husband is away. Months later, she and the son are still dealing with the mental affects of the attack. The family decides to take a break and rents a house on the estate of, you guessed it, the manor from the first film.

Jude, the son, finds the doll buried on the estate. The parents let him keep it. He hasn’t spoken since the burglary so the parents take pity on him even when he starts exhibiting odd behavior and blaming the doll.

I’m not sure what I dislike more: Katie Holmes’ performance or the lack of suspense throughout this film. I’m not sure if Katie just showed up for the paycheck or if the script just didn’t give her anything to really work with but she is terrible in this.

At the end when they toss this evil doll into the boiler and burn it, the doll just lies there. I would have at least liked to see is put up a fight. Maybe I should blame all those Chucky movies for my expectations on how a possessed toy should act.

Alas, this one you can skip. It isn’t worth your time unless, of course, you are having a few drinks and you need something to poke fun at. Movies like this seem tailor made for tipsy Saturday nights.

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