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Movie Review – Frozen 2

I should have known by the unoriginal ‘Frozen 2’ sequel title that it wouldn’t be much more than a money grab by Disney. But, alas, I left the theater feeling slightly disappointed.

The story finds Elsa feeling out of place in her castle being queen. She hears a mysterious song calling her, and only she can hear it. Anna cluelessly ruins Kristoff’s marriage proposals, and there are several.

Then Arendelle starts falling apart. Anna and Elsa go into an enchanted forest with Kristoff to find out why. Olaf and Sven tag along too, because why not.

They find people living in the forest. People who once lived in Arendelle but became trapped in the forest. Elsa goes off on her own to find the answers they need to save Arendelle. I’ll stop there and not ruin the ending.

It’s a simple story bogged down by Kristoff wanting to propose marriage. Why Disney insists on having their princesses get married is beyond me. The time could have been better spent getting to know those characters living in the enchanted forest, but a ten minute segment of the film is dedicated to Kristoff singing a power ballad in front of a montage of him and Anna. Not the films best moment.

The imagery is beautiful. There is no denying that. Kudos to the animators for bringing it to life. There’s a particularly beautiful part where Elsa rides a horse made of water. Really an impressive piece of animation.

Your kids will love it, but the story fell derivative of so many of their other films. The songs aren’t as catchy either. Wish Disney had spent more time developing their new side characters, but the kids around me in the theater seemed to find the film funny and entertaining.

Take the kids. This one was made for them.

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