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Book Review – On Mystic Lake by Kristin Hannah

‘On Mystic Lake’ is a sweet, often sad story about finding yourself and what makes you happy in the wake of tragic loss.

Annie is blindsided when her husband tells her he has fallen in love with another woman and wants a divorce. She runs from their LA. Home to her home town in Oregon.

Annie finds that her best friends from high school, Kathy and Nick, had married. Kathy died by suicide leaving Nick to care for their six year old daughter alone. He turns to alcohol to ease his pain.

Annie offers to help care for Nicks daughter while he seeks help for his drinking. What Annie finds is a love for Nick that she never had for her husband.

All this changes when Annie discovers she is pregnant with her husband baby at the age of 39. She leaves Nick to try and make it work with her husband.

The feelings these characters go through trying to find their way through life’s worst obstacles feel real when written by Hannah. She gives them purpose.

It feels a bit sappy at times, but the honest portrayal of how some of us just simply aren’t capable of changing while others grow up and move on without us is what makes the book worth reading.

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