It’s National Cat Day! While everyone else is celebrating their domesticated felines, I am celebrating the big cats of the jungle and desert. Many species are endangered, if not severely threatened with extinction.

national cat day

To help these beautiful animals survive, I donate $5 from the sale of each animal portrait to the World Wildlife Fund. The WWF works with communities to help save animal species and their habitats from deforestation, pollution, and the effects of climate change. If you would like to know more, visit

Also, I would like to give everyone a reminder that the Amazon Rainforest is still largely on fire. Many species, like the Ocelot, are threatened with dwindling habitat due to farming. If you would like to help the Rainforests of the Amazon and around the world, you can donate to the Rainforest Alliance.

You can find my animal portraits at my Etsy shop.

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