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Horror Movie Marathon Day 8 – Haunted Places

Do you like haunted places? I do, especially abandoned mental asylums.

  1. Session 9 – This is one of Brad Anderson’s earlier films and one of his best- and it’s number three on my all time favorite horror list. It takes place in Danver’s State Hospital in Massachusetts. An asbestos cleaning crew is hired to clean the place out. Each is affected by the evil residing on the abandoned building and one by one they die.
  2. The Uninvited – A composter and his sister buy a mansion for super cheap. They discover later that the house has an unsavory past. Released in 1944, this one is an oldie, and a goodie.
  3. The Haunting of Hill House – This is technically a series on Netflix, but is so wonderfully, horrifically good that it is worth mentioning. Give it a viewing. I would be surprised if you didn’t binge the whole series.
  4. The Others – Nicole Kidman is super convincing as a paranoid mother who has no concept of her own reality – especially when she thinks someone is haunting her house.
  5. House on Haunted Hill – Both the Vincent Price version and the 1999 remake are worthy of your time, but  I am partial to the remake. It has a very twisted sense of humor.
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