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Horror Movie Marathon Day 7 – Satan’s Worshipers

You can’t do a horror marathon without doing movies about Satan and his loyal band of followers.

  1. Hereditary – This film made it to number four on my all time favorites list. How Toni Collette’s performance didn’t get her an Oscar nomination is beyond me. Grieving from the loss of a family member, the family must navigate through a series of disturbing occurrences only to find that their matriarch was a satan worshiper.
  2. House of the Devil – A little known movie set in the 80’s, this horror flick fits in the satan worshiping craze of that decade. A down on her luck college student takes a babysitting job with a creepy family only to find out that they want her to have Satan’s baby.
  3. Rosemary’s Baby – Mia Farrow stars as a wife of an actor who befriends their new neighbors who also happen to be Satan worshipers. Mia Farrow become pregnant and all the more paranoid as the film progresses. A classic for sure.
  4. The Omen – Gregory Peck gives a stand out performance as the father of an adopted son who turns out the be the bringer of Satan. The remake of this film isn’t bad either, starring Liev Schrieber, Mia Farrow, and Julia Stiles.
  5. The Witch – This film is slow going. Most of the time I enjoy the slow burners, and this one if one of those films. A young woman is the only survivor at her family farm after her family dies one by one, so the logical step is to sell her soul to Satan.
  6. The Exorcist III – Yeah, that’s right, I prefer the third film in the series over the first. While I love the first film, the third is creepier, bloodier, and sticks with me after I watch it.
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