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Movie Review – Maleficent, Mistress Of Evil

‘Maleficent’ was only one of two of the live action remakes from Disney that I actually like (‘Alice in Wonderland’ being the other). It took ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and told it from the perspective of the villain. A genius idea, and it really worked. The special effects weren’t bad either.

That said, was I chomping at the bit for a sequel? Not really, but I saw it anyway just to see Angelina Jolie fly again. She brings the emotion to this new film, and so does Elle Fanning. In a not so surprising revelation – Michelle Pfeiffer makes a wonderful villain. As far as Disney villains go, she ranks among the best of them.

When Aurora’s prince proposes marriage and she accepts, Maleficent is too afraid of losing her to allow her to go through it thinking it through. The King and Queen invite them to the castle for a celebratory dinner. It’s obvious that Maleficent and the Queen will never get along. The Queen frames Maleficent for cursing the King, and Aurora naively believes the ruse.

Maleficent flees, is shot with an iron bullet, and is saved by one of her own kind. She finds that many of her kind have been in hiding from the humans. She finds a friend in Chiwetel Ejiofor’s character who speaks of peace. When he dies, Maleficent follows her new friends into battle.

Aurora discovers the Queen’s evil plan too late, and her fantastical friends from the Moors are in grave danger. I won’t spoil the ending for you, because it deserves to be seen on the big screen.

The special effects are truly outstanding. Some serious imagination went into this one. It’s an impressive sight to behold, and I give the actors a lot of credit. It isn’t easy giving a good performance in front of a green screen.

Take the kids, buy some popcorn, and enjoy the Disney ride. Maleficent is here to stay.

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