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Movie Review: Hustlers

I went to this with a friend who said going in that is was just another movie about strippers. We were both surprised that ‘Hustlers’ is much more than women taking off their clothes.

Destiny (Constance Wu) and Ramona (Jennifer Lopez) meet working at a strip club. Destiny, who only wants to earn enough to help her grandmother, asks Ramona to help her be a better performer. The two become great friends.

When the 2008 stock market crash hits, the strippers find themselves low on money and out of jobs. Reduced to working minimum wage retail, they devise a plan to scam rich Wall Street executives out of their money by drugging them and stealing their credit card information. It worked, until one of the men they steal from comes forward.

What my friend and I realized is that the film is more than just strippers. It’s about friendship. Forgiveness. Family. What lengths would you go to for the ones you love? These women did what they felt was required to have a better life, and they did it by taking from those who made their money off the suffering of others.

The on screen chemistry between Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez is obvious and real. Their performances carry the film. Without them, it would not have worked, but with them the film is heart felt and convincing.

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