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Horror Movie Marathon Day 2 – Bad Vacations

Ever have one of those vacations that just turn out horrible? Well, the following movies have got you beat by leaps and bounds and bloody gore.

  1. Backcountry – Number nine on my all time favorite list is a low budget film based on real events. A young couple venture into the Maine woods for a camping trip only to be attacked by a bear. One of them escapes in an epic bid for survival. The acting is stellar and the soundtrack is awesome.
  2. Honeymoon – Starring Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones), this little movie about a young couple visiting a family cabin  for their Honeymoon is equal parts atmospheric horror, psychological horror, and alien horror. Sounds weird, but it works in so many ways.
  3. Joy Ride – Two brothers and their female friend play a prank on a truck driver during a road trip. The truck driver doesn’t take kindly to the prank and terrorizes them.
  4. The Perfect Getaway – Directed by David Twohy (Pitch Black), this film is shot in Hawaii. Sounds like a perfect place for a honeymoon, right? Nope. Two couples meet while hiking to the Kauai Na Pali coast. One couple are killers. The other must escape them.
  5. Wrong Turn – When Eliza Dushku and her friends head out into the wilderness, they are met by three inbred men who try to kill them so they can eat them. It’s well paced and the cast really sells it.
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