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Movie Review – Spider Man, Far From Home

I’m Marvel’ed out for the most part. Endgame sapped my fan girl attention for the moment but I went to see the new Spiderman nonetheless.

For me, it is a middle of the road Marvel film. Somewhere in the middle with Dr. Strange and Captain Marvel. Not great, but now terrible either.

Peter Parker finds himself wanting nothing more than to be a normal high schooler. Date a pretty girl. Hang out with his friends. The usual teenager fare. He is also struggling with the loss of Tony Stark a.k.a. Ironman. When Peter finds out from Happy that Tony left him the Ironman legacy to take care of, Peter wants to give it away.

When he jets off to Europe with classmates, Peter comes across Mysterio who mentions multi-verses and destroyed worlds. Peter blindly trusts him and hands off Ironman’s tech to the unknown quantity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Jake Gyllenhaal’s big eyes and trusting expressions. It was all too easy. A false ending if there ever was one. So it comes as no surprise that Mysterio is really the bad guy. He literally and figuratively used smoke and mirrors to fool everyone just when Peter’s spidey sense is on the fritz. Convenient.

And then, in a post credits twist, Peter Parker is outed publicly as Spider-Man AND painted as a bad guy. Anonymity is no longer Peter’s ally.

Like I said, middle of the road Marvel movie. Entertaining and it shores up loose ends from Endgame, but the gloss has warn off the universe. The jokes aren’t as funny – not everyone has Robert Downey Jr.’s comedic timing. The action sequences are all things we have seen before. Spiderman is a character we have seen much of over the last two decades.

It left me feeling been there, done that. It will probably be that way going forward until Marvel can introduce different characters that haven’t had three different men play them recently.

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