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Movie Review – Crawl

A hurricane. Florida alligators. A strong protagonist. A missing father. What could possibly go wrong?

In ‘Crawl’, the cinematic pace builds slowly in the best of ways. Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper bring to life two characters torn apart by family drama and brought together again by a hurricane.

Haley finds her father injured in the crawlspace of their abandoned family home. She then comes face to face with two digitally placed alligators who entered through a storm drain with a broken grate. The father and daughter had unknowingly tread upon their new nest. When the flood waters rise, they must find a way out of the crawlspace with out getting eaten or they will drown. Did I mention that Haley is a collegiate swimmer? Because that comes into play many times.

A couple cops show up to help them, but their appearance is short lived. Same goes for some looters who steal from the gas station across the street. Sinners never survive horror movies.

The film is mostly believable, except for the part where Haley has her arm stuck in the grip of an alligators teeth and she manages to unleash six bullets down its throat before the gator finally dies. She does call herself an apex predator on multiple occasions. Haley is a tough woman, and she carries the film that would otherwise have been a bore. She battles the elements, alligators, and her own demons without batting an eye.

If you like obligatory man vs. nature summer horror movies, you’ll probably dig this. Sneak in some rum and mix it with your diet coke. It makes the experience more enjoyable.

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