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Yellowstone, Day 1

We left the Mountain Modern Hotel in Jackson Hole this morning with low spirits. It’s an awful, poorly designed hotel with thin walls and toilets made for elementary students. power outlets didn’t work. Lights flickered every time some shut a door. Never stay there. Anyway, our first impression of Yellowstone were some elk feasting on grass not far inside the South Gate.

Then we found some bison wandering down the road.

At the Lake Hotel overlooking still frozen Yellowstone Lake, I found myself eating a bison burger for lunch in a dining room that mirrored ‘The Shining’. I expected to find an ax wielding Jack Nicholson lurking around any corner as I explored. My photo doesn’t do it justice.

We saw the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone as it started snowing. So much for spring.

Then we stopped at Mammoth Hot Springs and made juvenile fart jokes about the sulfur smell.

Made it to Kelly Inn in West Yellowstone after sitting in stand still traffic. Bison once again blocked our path. The Kelly Inn is amazing. Clean, modern without trying too hard (wink wink Mountain Modern), and well made. The bear decor seems to fit today’s theme after seeing three bears on the way here. I highly recommend the Kelly Inn. And seeing bears in the wild.

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