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Movie Review – Arctic

I finally got around to watching ‘Arctic’ while I was traveling this weekend. It stars danish actor Mads Mikkelson. His performance is stellar, but I might be bias. He has been one of my favorite actors since he played Hannibal Lecter in NBC’s ‘Hannibal’.

‘Arctic’ is an epic survival story. Mads is stuck in the Arctic after his plane goes down. The viewer doesn’t see how he got there, just what he must go through to survive. When a rescue helicopter finally finds him, it crashes due to bad weather. Mads rescues one of the helicopters passengers but she is badly wounded. Now he must find a way to get her out of the Arctic before she dies.

It’s a quiet movie, but it is impressive how much it gives you all the feels. Mads Mikkelson deserves an Oscar. Really, he pulls the viewer in. It’s hard to look away. Check this one out. A great film about survival.

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