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This Spike Lee joint is set within the racism of the 1970’s Ku Klux Klan era. It tells the dramatized true story of an African American cop who infiltrates the KKK. Lee’s passion for telling the story is evident from the very beginning.

It is written with an honest view of the racism in our country that is still present today, In one scene where KKK members chant “America First”, a grim reminder of what we are seeing in the Donald Trump era.

The film is a little long winded, but doesn’t suffer for it. Lee explores his themes on racism and the effect the media plays on our culture more than he does his characters, but not in a way that makes it feel like they are one dimensional. The performances from the actors are as convincing as the era they are set in. This is one of Spike Lee’s better films, one I feel is worth seeing.

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