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One Drawing at a Time

Anyone who knows me even a little knows that I am a big supporter of saving our planet from climate change. This isn’t meant to be political. It’s just the truth. I want to do what little I can to help.


I have been working on a drawing series dedicated to animals since I started my business in 2010. Since then, my photography has been added into the mix as well. It was my hope when I started the series that I could raise some awareness and help save some critters.


Keeping in with that theme, I started donating 50% of the revenue from this drawing and photography series to the World Wildlife Fund. The WWF concentrates it’s efforts fighting climate change and protecting endangered animals and habitats. If you would like to know more about the WWF, please visit their website at


If you would like to know more about my animal portrait drawing series, please visit the Animal Portrait section of my Etsy page.


Now, more than ever, helping our environment feels like the right thing to do. A planet without wildlife isn’t one I want to live in. Lets give future generations a planet that is as beautiful as it is plentiful.

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