It was a hot day, all those years ago, when my parents left me at my college dorm with my two new roommates. One of those women I am still friends with today, and had you told me that day that I would find a permanent home in Minneapolis, I probably would not have believed you.

Minnehaha Falls, Minneapolis

There have been ups and downs. The lowest point was my junior year at MCAD. A perfect storm of circumstances (my computer crashing and losing my entire semesters worth of work three weeks before semester end was the least of it) left me not wanting to return to school for one final year. It took a great professor to talk me down from the ledge. I would have regretted not coming back, and I would probably be back in small town Michigan working at Walmart or Quality Farm and Fleet. That lifestyle was never for me.

Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis

The best of times ebb and flow over the years, as I have picked up some life long friends along the way. Birthdays have been celebrated. Jobs have come and gone. Apartments have been moved in and out of. Boyfriends made life better and sometimes worse. Neighborhoods have changed. I have changed too, for the better I hope.

Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis

The Twin Cities fit my personality. St. Paul is slower paced and friendly in a Minnesota Nice kind of way, which fits my introverted side. Minneapolis fits my extroverted side, with it’s constant change and fast paced atmosphere. I love that I can get coffee at eleven o’clock at night if I need to pull an all nighter in the art studio.

Mississippi River, Minneapolis

This summer has been especially amazing. From an eventful State Fair, to seeing people come together after Prince passed away, to walking and cycling my way around the city, and drawing and photographing everything in my path, I can honestly say that my city is amazing.

Farm Machinery, Minnesota State Fair

Thank you, Minneapolis, for being my home for so many years. Thank you to all the amazing people I have met along the way. You have taught me a lot about myself and about life. I’m hoping the next eighteen years bring just as much enjoyment to my life as the first eighteen.

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