This past weekend, I was hopping around southwest Florida with some friends and family. The weather was hot, in the nineties without including the heat index. Fortunately, our Sunday adventures were air conditioned as we visited the Salvador Dali Museum and Tropicana Field for a baseball game. I wouldn’t be a Twins fan if I didn’t root against the Brewers if they happen to be the visiting team against the Tampa Bay Rays.

On Monday, we headed down to Naples to visit the Botanical Gardens. Really, I just wanted to see the orchid garden.

The succulent garden also was impressive and with the heat, I was almost tricked into believing I was in the desert if it weren’t for the humidity.

I also found a cannonball tree with some really awesome flowers blooming from its branches.

On Monday, we stopped at a botanical garden on the Peace River in Punta Gorda. This garden was small and a little disappointing in comparison to the garden in Naples, but there was some interesting art scattered throughout and I did find this grasshopper.

It’ll be a while before I head back to the sunshine state. At least not before the temperatures are reasonable. I’ve obviously lived in MN too long. haha

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