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Movie Review: Sisu

In Finland during WWII, a man living in the wilderness finds gold. When he tries to return to civilization with he find, he is attacked and chased by Nazi soldiers. What ensues is a back and forth between an ex-soldier who lost his home and family to Russian soldiers and the Nazi’s who want his gold.

I should tell you that I am not a fan of war movies, especially WWI and WWII. At all. Very few make it into my circulation of films. Far too much seriousness in them. But Sisu manages to take that seriousness into an enjoyable watch. Seeing Nazi’s get what they deserve at the hands of Finnish Rambo is pretty awesome. The character’s real name is Aatami, but he is essentially Rambo set in Nazi controlled Finland. He is an unkillable war machine who uses what little he has to his advantage. When the Nazi’s chase him into a minefield, he forces the Nazi’s to chase him into it, destroying themselves in the process.

The real surprise however is when a group of women kidnapped by the Nazi’s end up being freed by Finnish Rambo and have a moment of revenge themselves. Nothing makes this movie fan happy like seeing some girl power on screen.

Sisu is a gory, fun spectacle. A surprise to say the least. The kind of film that deserves to be seen in a theater.

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