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Movie Review: Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret

One of my favorite childhood books has FINALLY become a movie. Judy Blume was a mainstay throughout my tween and teen years, and I always wanted this one to get made into a movie.

The story follows Margaret, a twelve year old whose parents movie her from their NYC apartment to a house in New Jersey. This takes her away from all of her friends and her paternal grandmother who she is very close with. Her father is Jewish and her mother is Christian so her parents have decided to let Margaret choose her own religion. As Margaret makes new friends and struggles with which religion she would like to belong, her one true wish is what every tween wants. To fit in. To be normal. And for the boy she likes to notice her.

This film is so perfectly cast that even if the script had been awful (it’s quite amazing), the actors would have brought life into it anyway. Rachel McAdams and Kathy Bates are superb. Abby Ryder Fortson is such a cute, emotional Margaret that she is hard to look away from. And Elle Graham as Nancy Wheeler, the friend that Margaret first meets but soon realizes is fake and mean, is perfection. I love that the film does not turn Nancy into a villain, but just keeps her as one of those types of friends who isn’t meant to stay in your life forever.

This is a wonderful adaptation. Take your tween/teen girls to see it. It will make them realize they are not alone in feeling insecure and awkward for their age. That it is normal to not know where you fit in. And it will teach them that it is okay to just be yourself, and whatever will happen will happen in its own time.

If you haven’t read the book, give it a spin as well. You can never go wrong with Judy Blume.

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