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Movie Review: Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise follows Beth (Lily Sullivan) as she returns to L.A. to visit her sister Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) and nieces and nephew in their soon to be condemned apartment building. After an earthquake, a whole opens up in the parking garage and the nephew finds a collection of old records and an evil book of demons and destruction. Of course he plays the records, unleashing a demonic evil that possesses Ellie.

This film is a gory monster of a demonic film. It’s unrelenting as one terrifying thing after another slowly kills the residents of the upper floor of that apartment building. Lily soon realizes that there is no saving her sister, so she takes her niece and makes a run for it.

I’ll not spoil most of the ending, but I will question why there is a woodchipper in the parking garage of a soon to be condemned apartment complex in the middle of the city where there are few trees. But the use of said woodchipper is so cool that I am willing to let it go. There’s plenty of body horror and gore to fill the L.A. river. And that is a success in my opinion.

Evil Dead Rise is my favorite in the Evil Dead series, narrowly beating out Evil Dead 2. Alyssa Sutherland needs to be cast in as many horror films as possible because she is brilliant in this. She makes the movie work when it shouldn’t. Really looking forward to this landing on VOD so I can watch it again.

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