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Book Review – Cold Cold Bones by Kathy Reichs

Picked up Cold Cold Bones not because I am a fan of Kathy Reichs – I’ve never read her work – but because I was in the mood for a cold weather book.

The newest Temperance Brennan novel follows the titular character as someone leaves an eyeball on her porch, sending her through several of her old cases as new bodies start turning up. Her daughter goes missing. Her neighbor harasses her over a lawn ornament. And she begins to realize too late that one of the people meant to keep her safe is responsible for her friends death, and many others.

This novel is fast paced, strung along by Reichs’s blunt, abrupt style of writing. It took me a few chapters to grow used to her, but once I was, I couldn’t put this one down. Even when it was obvious Temperance was overlooking obvious clues, even when she doesn’t report her daughter missing after several days, I kept reading. Wondering why she was so blind to her situation.

Having not read any of the other books in this series, or watched much of the television show based on them, I suppose this could just be her character. Aren’t most of us who are driven by our work in a methodical way blind to the world right in front of us? Thinking about it that way, I can overlook that I had the killer picked out right away and never had opportunity to want to change my mind. Mostly.

Will I read anymore of her books? Probably. Will I rush to the bookstore for them right now based on this work? No. But, if you like a quick cop / medical procedural where you learn more about human anatomy than you do about the characters, then this book is for you. Quick. To the point. An interesting read, but not a great one.

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