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Movie Review: John Wick Chapter 4

John Wick joins old friends and new on his last chapter of revenge, grief, and violence. And what a ride it is.

Keanu Reeves speaks little, but that doesn’t stop his character from being unbelievably bullet proof. Are his bones unbreakable? Does his body never tire? Does Paris not care that a group of assassins is leaving a trail of dead bodies in their wake? Does it even matter as Wick falls down eight flights of stairs after getting hit by several cars and still manages to get up? Not really. It’s too enjoyable a watch to care.

The fourth film is like the others, but more. More violence. More weapons. More enemies. More friends. And through it all, Wick manages to find new people to root for him and to use the rules set by The Table against them to achieve his goal.

By the end, all I could do was go with it. And that isn’t a complaint. It’s the highest of compliments for a film series that could have easily been overdone like it’s action counterparts (ahem, Fast and Furious, you’ve been seriously outdone). John Wick sets the standard for the action films of our time. This is the type of film that deserves a theater viewing, so that’s where you should see it.

And by all means clap. Many in my theater did. It’s a crowd pleaser.

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