When Cady’s parents die suddenly in a car crash, she is sent to live with her aunt Gemma (Allison Williams), a childless toy designer who has no idea how to raise a child. Gemma’s career hangs on a robotic doll she designed, and she uses Cady’s grief as a way to show who the doll can connect to children.

The doll, M3gan, is disturbingly lifelike and is coded to learn on it’s own, a form of artificial intelligence. Gemma doesn’t foresee how M3gan’s coding distorts her way of thinking as the doll believes violence is the answer to protecting Cady. Gemma must choose what is most important to her, her career or her niece, before M3gan destroys both of them.

M3gan is funny, both intentionally and unintentionally. It owns its cheesiness even as it tries to be serious, but not too serious. This film also proves that PG13 ratings can be super effective in a horror film if the film is done properly.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one. See it in the theater if you can to get the full experience. I haven’t laughed out loud that much in a movie in a really long time. A good time, indeed.

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