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Movie Review: The Fabelmans

I went into The Fabelmans not knowing much about it except that Spielberg made a fictional film based on his own childhood and that Michelle Williams and Paul Dano star as his parents.

The film centers around Sam, the only boy among four siblings, as he navigates being moved from New Jersey to Arizona to Northern California while dealing with anti-semitism and discovering that his mother, Mitzi, is cheating on his father with a family friend. All the while, he falls in love with film making and becomes a young filmmaker in his own right, even as his parents get divorced and he struggles with staying in college to please his father.

In true Spielberg fashion, The Fabelmans is beautifully shot and well cast (even if I’m not a fan of Seth Rogan personally). The director took meticulous care telling the story, letting it unfold in its own time. It never moves too fast, but is never boring for Michelle Williams is simply brilliant in this. She brings fragile nuance to a character that could have easily just fallen flat.

The Fabelmans is not my favorite Spielberg film, but certainly ranks near the top. I give it three out of four stars.

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