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Movie Review: Bones and All

When young woman Maren finds herself alone when her father abandons her, she learns to live in the margins of society. Complicating matters is that she is a cannibal, the need for human flesh sometimes overwhelming.

She meets a few like her along the way, but it is Lee (Timothee Chalamet) with whom she strikes up a kinship. They travel together on her adventure to find her mother, but are unaware that Sully (Mark Rylance) is following them.

The film itself is slow, taking its time as Maren and Lee travel from Indiana to St. Louis to Minnesota. Normally I’m a huge fan of slow burners it the payoff is good, but this one falls just short of that mark. It concentrates more on the romance between the main characters than it does on the horror aspects of the story, and Maren and Lee’s love story isn’t enough to carry the whole film.

Enter Mark Rylance who turns in one of the creepiest, most nuanced performances I’ve seen in a horror movie. He is what makes the film work watching.

If you go in knowing it’s a slow burn romance with some horror aspects, you’ll have a good time. One of the better cannibal films I’ve seen, but not going to make my list of the best films from this year. Good, but not great.

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