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Movie Review: Glass Onion, A Knives Out Mystery

I honestly did not think Rian Johnson could top Knives Out, but I’m glad he proved me wrong. Glass Onion is witty, irreverent, and a biting commentary on the current state of our society disguised as a whodunit.

Quickly we are introduced to a group of friends who all receive an elaborate invitation to a weekend long murder mystery party. Kate Hudson plays the ignorant socialite prone to social media gaffs. Dave Bautista is a Twitch and YouTube sensation with a hot girlfriend. Kathryn Hahn is a politician. Leslie Odom Jr. is a genius scientist on the verge of clean energy breakthrough. Janelle Monae is the jilted co-owner of a business that was taken from her. What they have in common is Ed Norton, a billionaire who has enough dirt on each of them for them to turn a blind eye to his nonsense.

Daniel Craig’s Beniot Blanc receives the invitation as well and joins the group of friends on a remote Greek private island. He observes this group of people who seem like unlikely friends barely holding it together.

I won’t spoil the plot beyond that because it’s something you need to see to believe. The script in ingenious, unpredictable. Just when you think you have it figured out, Rian Johnson throws another wrench into the mix. Acting is brilliant all around, but Janelle Monae and Daniel Craig are the real standouts.

Honestly, Netflix made a mistake by only doing a limited week long theater release because this would have made a killing at the box office. If you like Knives out, you’ll love Glass Onion. I certainly did.

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