On Friday morning, I woke to light snowfall here in Minneapolis. That isn’t uncommon for this time of year, but still felt like it was about a month too early. Regardless, I made the most of it and went out to take some photos.

My adventures led me to the Como Zoo and Conservatory in St. Paul. This weekend was the first weekend of the fall flower show in the sunken garden, so I could not resist.

This show this year features green, pink, and purple chrysanthemums. If you follow along on my blog with any regularity, you know chrysanthemums and orchids are my favorite flowers so I can never resist photographing them.

With the chrysanthemums were pretty ornamental pepper plants. Both the blooms and the leaves were purple and I was drawn to them. What beautiful additions to the garden.

In the bonsai room, I found some blooming bonsai trees that sent my imagination spinning. What bizarre, beautiful blooms to find on such a chilly morning.

The walking irises were also in full bloom. This flower is another that doesn’t look like it could exist in nature, but it does. Much to my delight.

If you’re in the Twin Cities between now and Thanksgiving, I highly recommend the fall flower show if you either love flowers or if you just want a break from the colder temperatures. Como Zoo and Conservatory does require reservations which you can make on their website.

Prints of the photos I took on Friday are available at my Etsy Store.

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