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Movie Review – Halloween Ends

Color me pleasantly surprised when I started watching Halloween Ends last night and realized it was a slow creeper filled with character development and not the gore fest the franchise us known for.

The film starts one year after the events of Halloween Kills. A young boy left with a male babysitter on Halloween is accidentally killed after playing a prank on Corey, the boy tasked with watching him. Fast forward three years, and Corey has become the guy who got away with murder and Laurie Strode has chosen to move on, buying a home for herself and her granddaughter, Allyson.

The three characters are all broken to some extent. They are the butt of jokes. The ass end of the town’s spite. Blamed for every injustice, every death caused by Michael Myers. When Corey finds that Myers is alive, he uses both the man and the myth to seek revenge on those who bully him.

The entire film is a cautionary tale of what happens when you let hatred and fear take over your mind. The towns folk are still the angry mob from Kills, but they have internalized it, only letting it show when the Corey’s and Laurie’s and Allyson’s are around. Corey takes it to a far darker place. Laurie tries to move on from it by writing a memoir. Allyson simply wants to leave Haddonfield behind.

In the end, the town gets their catharsis they so long for. A way to heal and move forward in a world without Michael Myers. The end fight sequence is a perfect ending the the saga of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. The gore that defined the franchise finally becomes a reality.

Halloween Ends ranks fourth for me, after the original Halloween, H20, and Halloween III. Its the best of the new trilogy. Regardless of whether you like the other two, this one is the standout for allowing the characters to grow in ways they hadn’t before. In other words, I really liked it.

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