Rose (Sosie Bacon) is a therapist working in a psychiatric hospital. After one of her patients commits suicide in front of her, Rose begins seeing creepy phenomenon in which something keeps smiling at her. As she descends into paranoia, her relationships with her sister and fiancé are strained and she is put on leave from her job.

This film relies heavily on jump scares and shock horror for the first two acts. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. As Rose goes a little crazy, so does the editing between scenes. I like to think it’s meant to be intentionally jarring. A way to bring the viewer into Rose’s state of mind.

Sosie Bacon’s performance is what really sells the story. It’s equal parts shock horror like Sinister’s kill scenes and an unknown evil force much like It Follows. Through it all, Sosie never loses sight of her character’s state of mind.

This isn’t the best horror of the year, but it certainly comes close. Smile almost gets there, and it’s worth seeing in theaters. Jump scares are always better in theaters.

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