This past weekend I flew down to Florida to endure ninety degree temperatures whilst watching my Green Bay Packers beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While the Brady vs. Rodgers showdown was why I took the trip, I was also able to venture south to Everglades National Park. My parents and I bought our way onto an airboat tour that took us through mangrove forests.

The boat went in slow since the water is brackish and manitees occasionally make their way in from the ocean. We didn’t see any, but there was plenty of scenery to look at.

The mangrove trees tended to form tunnels through which our guide maneuvered effortlessly. The water was calm, only disturbed by light wind and the wake from our boat.

My dad was mostly interested in the alligators of which we saw a few. Unlike the gators of Louisiana (another story for another day), Florida alligators tended to flee our boat and we left our tour with stories of territoriality and alligator cannibalism.

If you happen to be in southern Florida, I highly recommend this foray into a foreign world guarded by ancient animals with pointy teeth.

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