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Movie Review: Barbarian

Barbarian is one of those films that is best seen with as little information as possible the first time.

That said, here’s what I will tell you. A woman, Tess, rents an AirBNB in a bad part of Detroit only to find that it has been double booked. She doesn’t trust the guy already in the house but is unable to make other plans.

I don’t want to ruin any of the plot twists for you beyond that, but each and every one is brilliant. You won’t see them coming. This film will keep you guessing beyond the jump scares and claustrophobic second half.

Acting is stellar, and it keeps it real by not letting an unlikable character get the redemption or life lesson they don’t deserve. You’ll shake your head at some bad decisions, and there are a couple gross-out moments that I didn’t know if I was supposed to cringe or laugh. So I did both.

Go in blind, and enjoy the ride. If you are able, see it in the theater so you can get the full effect. It’s brilliant, much in the same way that Malignant is. You won’t see the second half of the film coming.

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