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Movie Review: Three Thousand Years of Longing

Director George Miller put Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton in a hotel room and made a film about the importance of storytelling and love. And it’s one of his best films.

While in Istanbul, Alithea (Swinton) finds an old glass bottle in a gift shop. When she brings it back to her hotel room, she finds that it’s really djinn who offers her three wishes. She is reluctant since she is happily single and successful, so he must convince her to use her wishes or he will disappear. He tells her three stories about who he gave wishes to in the past. Alithea sees them as cautionary tales at first, until she realizes that the one thing she does want in life is love.

This film is masterfully edited together in a way where the back and forth between past and present is seamless. Cinematography is beautiful to look at, as are the costumes and set designs. Dialogue works, but it’s Elba and Swinton who really breathe life into it.

Can I give the ten out of four stars? Because that’s what it deserves. It shows how love can be both fleeting and forever. Either way, what an adventure it is, even if there are cautions about being careful what you wish for throughout the film.

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