Fall follows Hunter and Becky as the attempt to climb an abandoned television tower. After the death of Dan, Becky’s husband, while they were climbing a tall rock face, Becky has fallen into a pit of depression. Not even her father (an under used Jeffrey Dean Morgan) can bring her out of her loneliness.

Hunter shows up a year after Dan’s death and drags Becky out into the desert to climb the tower which she touts as the fourth highest structure in the United States. Hunter is an influencer on social media and takes her drone alone on their climb.

Becky is not really up for the climb as the tower is rusty, many of the screws coming loose. The ladder is losing rungs. This does not stop Hunter who selfishly bullies Becky into the climb regardless of her misgivings.

Predictably, the ladder falls away right as the girls reach the top. They have no way down. Over the next few days, their wills are tested as Becky discovers that Hunter had an affair with Dan.

I would have really loved this film if it weren’t for the cliched trope of both women being in love with the same guy. I’ve seen it before (Black Water: Abyss) and would have just rather had the girls fight over who was to blame for the situation. Hunter’s character really is selfish and if it were me up there with her, I would have been super angry at being bullied into the situation.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is seriously under used in this, and would have liked to see his fatherly character spend more time trying to reach his daughter. There is also a bit with some vultures that I would have liked to see explored on a more meaningful level.

Where this film excels is in the cinematography. It is very vertigo inducing and that alone makes it worth seeing in the theater. With the predictable story, it is at least well acted so the film isn’t a total loss.

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