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Movie Review – Watcher

Watcher is a Shudder made film starring Maika Monroe and Burn Gorman. It follows Julia (Monroe) who moves to Bucharest with her husband for his new job. She does not speak the language and he works long hours, so she feels isolated and lonely. Eventually, she realizes that she is being followed and notices that someone is watching their apartment from a building across the street. No one believes her, even as reports of a serial killer stalking women in the city surfaces on the news.

Julia befriends her neighbor who seems to be the only person who doesn’t treat her like she is losing her mind. When her neighbor goes missing and the man she accuses of stalking her accuses her of the same thing, she begins to feel as if she is losing her mind. That is until she realizes she isn’t insane and her life is truly threatened.

This film, at its core, is about how not being believed can take its toll on your mental health. Monroe’s performance is brilliant and believable. She us vulnerable yet strong despite the men around her treating her otherwise.

This one is a slow creeper. It takes its time and follows its own descent into madness before the big reveal. Foreboding in its nature and a little claustrophobic in its tension. Give this one a full viewing. You’ll thank yourself afterwards.

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