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The Harbor Seal, the River, and the Driftwood

Dreary didn’t begin to explain how the day started. After yesterday’s sunshine, waking in my disappointing hotel room to see complete cloud cover was a downer, for sure. But, in true Becky form, I made the most of it. I went on an early morning walk down the beach. Beach access was the only thing my hotel had going for it so it is what I latched onto. I found some spectacular driftwood – my excitement shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been following along. I do love my trees.

After my walk, we checked out of the second worst hotel ever and headed to Jerry’s Jet Boats for a Rogue River boat ride. Our guide had a snarky sense of humor and tried many times to soak us on rapids. It was a fun time despite the clouds above us promising rain that never came. The views of trees (!!!) and waterfalls made this traveller happy she chose Oregon as her trip this year.

We ate lunch in Agness. The veggie burger was delicious, and the triple berry pie was the best thing I’ve eaten all week. Worth every calorie and raspberry seed I had to pick out of my teeth. On the way back, we said hello to a harbor seal who smiled at us and posed so we could all oooh and aaah at it whilst sneaking in some photos.

As we ended our boat tour, we marveled at the Lee Isaac Patterson Bridge before our guide docked our boat and sent us into the gift shop where I found a couple pairs of Bigfoot socks and a purple t-shirt on clearance. Now that I’m full up with souvenirs, I can go to sleep tonight in a cleaner, nicer hotel with the knowledge that tomorrow I get to see REDWOODS. So many redwoods.

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