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Rough Seas and Cool Trees, Oregon Day 3

After a late breakfast while we waited for the tide to come in a little, we made our way to Devils Churn. If you’ve never been to the Oregon coast, you should know that many places are named after Lucifer. Satan. Or, as Oregon calls it, the Devil. This particular place got its name because as the tide rises, rough waves send seawater crashing against the rocks. The hike is easy and the views superb.

A side note – anyone who knows me even a little knows how much I love oddly shaped trees. Oregon does not disappoint in that regard, and the Devils Churn area had plenty of tree beauty for me to look at. Insert emoji with hearts for eyes here if you must.

We headed south to Thor’s Well. Again, as the tide rises. seawater and rough seas batter the black rock sending water into the air. At this location, there is one sea cave without a roof and the water rushes in and bursts out the top. As the water crashes around the area, it sounds like thunder. Or the God of Thunder. Whichever brings more joy to your travel experience.

The scenic route took us further south along the coast. At Coquille Lighthouse, I found a treasure trove of driftwood on the beach (remember, I like trees). I spent ten minutes photographing the lighthouse…

And an hour photographing the driftwood. Because why not.

But more on the driftwood later. Tomorrow, we are heading up the Rogue River so see gorges and wildlife. Today was sunny all day, perfect weather conditions. The forecast is calling for rain tomorrow. Hopefully the travel gods will give me another Oregon day of sunshine before the rain settles back in.

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